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Barium Borate Neo-B 111

ВаO · В2О3 · Н2О

Barium borate Neo-B 111 is a modified monohydrate of barium metaborate. It is a multifunctional pigment. Barium borates in combination with zinc phosphates can be used on a rusty surface.

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    Normalized characteristics of Barium Borate Neo-B 111

    Chemical formula
    ВаO · В2О3 · Н2О
    White powder
    Mass fraction of boric anhydride (B2O3), %
    27.0 ± 3
    Mass fraction of barium oxide (BAO), %
    59.0 ± 5
    pH of the aqueous suspension
    Mass fraction of water and volatile substances, %
    no more than 3
    The remainder on the sieve No. 0063, %
    not more than 0.5

    Neo-B 111 Barium Borate (Barium Borate) is produced by Kostromaneosynthesis LLC in accordance with TU 2146-002-61 914 412-2010

    Description of Barium Borate Neo-B 111

    Use of Barium Borate
    • Corrosion inhibitor;
    • Packaging preservative;
    • Mold inhibitor (fungicide);
    • An agent that increases resistance to ultraviolet radiation;
    • Darkening blocker;
    • Flame retardant.
    Where Barium Borate is used
    • Paint and varnish materials on organic and water bases;
    • Epoxy materials;
    • Powder coatings;
    • Anticorrosive water-emulsion primers of general purpose for metal surfaces operated in atmospheric conditions;
    • Primers of reduced flammability for shipbuilding.
    Anticorrosive effect of Barium Borate

    The anticorrosive effect of borates is due to the nature of the product itself. Borate ions neutralize penetrating acidic compounds and the products of the film-forming agent. It is assumed that they act as anode passivators, forming a protective film.

    Barium borate can be used as a component of water-based anticorrosive primers. It provides suppression of the corrosion process at the time of applying the water primer to the metal


    Borates give coatings resistance to mold and bacteria. Also, barium borates have increased resistance to seawater and are used for painting the underwater part of ships.

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    Barium Borate Neo-B 111

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